Trees are the backbone of any landscape.  During the day they provide relief from the sun while also producing a canopy of leaves that cast shadows to the ground.  At night trees lose their luster, as darkness falls, the rugged branches and bark fade into black.  To make up for this uplights are used to breathe new life into a tree. By shining light up into the canopy you see a new side to the trees and can enjoy them any time of day or night.

Shrubs and grasses are often overlooked as candidates for lighting.  Large shrubs/small trees like redbuds, lilacs, and viburnums can bring a new twist to the lighting of your home.  Shining light up onto these plants magnifies their interesting characteristics, like bark, or leaves.  An example would to use it on a paperbark maple, these small maples have unique bark that exfoliates and makes the trunk and branches eye-catching.  This detail is highlighted at night with shadows shining up onto the bark, giving it a 3-D texture.  Below is a paperbark maple that has uplights, the branches and bark create shadow patterns that were unimaginable before.

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