Path lights that are already installed need little maintenance to keep going.  During the spring its the best time to fix and repair the little things that could be wrong.  Before plants take over, and leaf out, you can get in tight spots and get to hard to reach lights to replace bulbs, and change to led’s if you haven’t already.  You can also make sure they are standing straight, path lights tend to lean if too much snow is on them, or if they get banged up by a shovel or snow blower.  Spring is also a great time to add to your existing lights, as it easy to get around in the beds, and the weather is good to be outdoors.

During the winter, you may notice spots around your house that could use a light or two, and spring time is the best to get out there and put something new in your landscape.  Our tower lights bring a statement to any home and work with any existing low voltage path light system.  Include one of our lights into your landscape and see the difference.

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