Two Unique Product Lines, One Tough Decision

Interested in bringing life to your outdoor space? You’ll first need to decide what’s best for you.

We offer two types of towers: the Original Series, consisting of our favorite designs, and the Evolve Series, which gives you the option to rotate the custom designed plates throughout the year. From here, you’ll be able to customize the cutout design, the tower height, and the color for both the LED lighting and the structure itself.

Regardless of what route you choose to go with, all of our light towers are:

  • Structural steel
  • Weather proof
  • Low-voltage LED lighting
  • Hand-built

Worried about installation? Our landscaping team will provide recommendations on the installation site and get your light shining in no time.

Original Series

If simplicity is your thing, you’ll love the Original Series. The design is carved directly into the steel tower creating a classic and timeless landscaping piece. We save you the hassle of trying to come up with your own design by giving you options that our clients already love!

View Original Series

Evolve Series

Are you looking to swap out your unique designs throughout the year? How about custom cutouts such as your last name or favorite sports team? If so, choose the Evolve Series. The tower gives you the freedom to replace the custom designed plates at your own discretion. Go wild!

View Evolve Series